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Research & Development (R&D)

Neutron has more than 18 years of experience developing and manufacturing high quality products for industry. During that time, we have accumulated considerable expertise in process development and scale-up of complex chemistries. We actively seek to reinforce our core capabilities through the adoption of the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure an enhanced process understanding. This is best exemplified by the fact that neutron has not only become a leading adopter of Quality by Design (QbD) .
Neutron R&D laboratories are staffed by a highly skilled team of Research Chemists with a wide range of synthetic experience. Our R&D activities focus on new product processes, process development, scale-up synthesis and process optimization. Our Process Hazard Screening Laboratory is integrated within R&D. This ensures all new processes are screened rigorously for safety assessment. To drive innovation, our R&D team is exploring new technology manufacturing method that is applicable to new and existing products. We have collaborated with academia and equipment suppliers to trial process optimization and intensification studies. Robinson Brothers has built relationships with universities to explore new manufacturing routes, including: University of Birmingham, Warwick University, Loughborough University, Queens University Belfast and Aston University.


We can assist your next project by offering the following:

  • Synthetic route development 

  • Process optimization 

  • Process scale-up from

  • Analytical support including HPLC, GC, UV-Vis spectroscopy

  • Confidentiality and exclusivity

So how do chemicals manufacturers keep up with the extremely fast paced change occurring in industries like semiconductor and electronics, automotive, construction, agriculture, food production and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations? Innovations and formulations from research and developers (R&D) or chemical synthesis, no matter the industry they are serving, play a vital role in the decisions made for downstream, full-scale production, which in turn connects to the health and wellness of consumers and the environment. Developing new products is costly, as chemical companies must ensure that the products they produce reflect the specifications and properties across early phase innovation and development through downstream manufacturing process leading to the final product.

 The importance of developing new specialty chemical formulations like agrochemicals and pesticides is ever increasing due to population growth, climate change and diminishing natural resources due to industrialization. The continued innovation of new active ingredients for agrochemicals, in balance with quality and efficacy, is vital to global food production. To remain competitive, bulk or commodity chemical R&D are increasingly challenged to improve production yield and chemical quality, while complying with regulations and safety standards, and reducing costs. Smart manufacturing requires high throughput analytical testing solutions, software and informatics to help manufacturers better understand their data and make decisions that will protect and improve their bottom line. In contrast, fine and specialty chemicals R&D manufacturers and contract testing labs focus on improvements to yield purity, versus volume. These chemical manufacturers require robust and reliable analytical testing solutions that provide critical impurities data in order to uphold price for quality, regulatory compliance, along with industry leading service programs, to meet the growing demands of the global chemicals marketplace.

Neutron provides comprehensive process research and development services as well as current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) manufacturing capacities to help clients with investigational to commercial-scale development programs. We cater to several industries including pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, polymers, oligonucleotides, animal health, and consumer products. Our team excels at resolving complex scientific problems with a systematic approach and in a time-bound manner while assuring the quality of all processes and products.