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Neutron is presently manufacturing and marketing over 500 products. The Trust and belief of our customers make us more responsible in the aspect of quality. Our Quality Control and R & D departments are equipped with ultra-modern facilities to extract the best of it. We provide Quality with Quantity to fulfill the growing expectation of our customers. Idea Innovation and invention are the part of our company policy and this year has come with the several consolidation of all . We are pleased to inform you that has introduced around 100 new products with the growing demand and meet your requirements and be a part of your research always.

Neutron is recognized as a benchmark for wide range of products of high purity. We are having the best combination of Bio chemicals, Research Chemicals, Laboratory Reagents, HPLC/AAS/DRY Solvents, Stains & Indicators. Our Analytical grade is in compliance to the specification of JP, BP, USP & EP grades.

Neutron is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company in accordance with the Quality Management System, a quality manual and inspection documents define the processes and activities of our organization. We periodically monitor our services and performance, enabling us to constantly improve and update ourselves. We are committed to manufacturing products as per International Standards for the total customer satisfaction, achieved by our dedicated team work. We have highly sophisticated facilities for distillation and purification of different kind of solvents. We offer the most comprehensive range of solvents from HPLC to Electronic grade to Dry solvents. We have distillation reactors of both SS / GLR for high purity solvents. Our tireless efforts to maintain consistent quality Neutron is recognized as a benchmark for wide range of products of high purity. Our Analytical Reagent grade is in compliance to the specification of JP, BP, USP and EP grades. We also produce MB (Molecular Biology Reagents), Reagents for Microbiology, Reagents for Biochemistry, etc. using superior quality raw material. During manufacturing our team of engineers ensures that the quality and purity of each product is as per specification by conducting series of tests at different stages of production. Environmental & Safety concerns are also taken into account. Our production operation offers a wide range of products under one roof. Our engineers and chemists employ variety of ultra modern techniques for the development of new products. Neutron ensures all the products have clearly defined specifications guaranteed by careful and sophisticated quality control with compliance to the international standard requirements. Our Q C and R & D departments are equipped with highly modern and sophisticated facilities to attain precise results. We at Neutron feel that Quality is the most important aspect without any substitute. In addition to that we are constantly monitoring our sales and customer care services to build closer relation with our customers.